In the race for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District (CD4), U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) stated her anticipation of victory on June 25, the state primary, following an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

During a March 20 interview on 1360 KHNC, she openly criticized the current representative, Ken Buck (R-Colorado), for his resignation, calling it “selfish” and symptomatic of larger political corruption.

Boebert with Trump endorsement

“With Ken Buck and his decision to resign, first of all, it was absolutely selfish. Everyone can see that. But more than that, this was a backroom uni-party scandal, absolutely corrupt,” Boebert stated. “Following President Trump’s endorsement of me, that made things very clear. There is no path for victory for any other of my opponents to win.”

Boebert has a 25-point lead in the primary, according to a Kaplan Strategies poll, which recorded Boebert’s support at 32% among likely Republican voters, with her closest competitor, former Colorado House Minority Leader Mike Lynch (R-Wellington), trailing at 7%.

However, the same poll indicated that 49% of voters remained undecided, suggesting the potential for significant shifts in the electorate in the conservative district as the race progresses, despite Boebert’s claim that Trump’s endorsement guarantees a clear path to victory in CD4.