The bird-killing blades of a California wind farm
The orange crush surf of a Florida election denier’s coiffure

Uncle Sam under indictment
El Niño out of sorts

Our brown belt maestros
summer’s bomber bumblebees
get chilled in coolers
to yield
bug mug shots & raw data tallies

Yes, my homeland’s an island of
Europa in America

Yes, my religion traces its spores
back to the truffled catacombs
of the Vatican

As privileged descendants
of the conquering colonialists
we make easy acknowledgements

only to wait in awkward silences
for forgiveness
by the sins & omissions
of our ancestors

Things having gotten so
complicated & convoluted
we brainy band of scheming apes
have had to invent tools
to match the mountains of our times

Electronics. Relativity. ChatGPT
Technologies just to keep us
barely on top of it
or itki
as Robin Wall Kimmerer might say

This carcinogenic bio-dynamic
dark sky
of our expanding human

A quantum heap of science’s
dark matter
lurking just behind the visible sphere
of a neighbor’s night scope

ravens continue to fly
low overhead in Cochise’s Stronghold
protesting loudly
at the trickster world
unraveling like barbed wire
beneath them

& the Colorado River flannelmouth
still spawn
looking up in awe
at the Grand Canyon’s meteoritic
soaring above them

Photo by Parsa Mahmoudi on Unsplash