State Representative Matt Soper called for “civil war” last week over Democrats’ gun safety bills.Soper eventually issued a vague apology for “some of the words” in his tweet.

He didn’t explain which words he regretted, nor did he mention his own solution to reducing violence. In response to a Facebook commenter critiquing his aggressive post, Soper appears to suggest government should take a role in changing how Hollywood and video game makers “portray murder and respect for life.”

Soper replied, “If the other side really wants to reduce violence, we’d change how movies, video games and TV shows portray murder and respect for life.”

The “civil war” tweet was an escalation of Soper’s Facebook post from earlier in the day, which was essentially the same statement but without mention of murder and threaten civil disobedience rather than war.

In a lengthy reply to his Facebook post, a commenter asked if Soper if as a lawmaker he could try a more sophisticated approach that might bring people together rather than blaming some of them.

“I wonder if there is another way to advocate for firearm passions and rights. Meaning- is there a more sophisticated approach to address our rights to the second amendment? Instead of “THEY took our jobs…. They can’t take our guns away!” Could we explore something constructive? I.e. instead of blaming a side for all the problems to fix let’s take ownership and accountability on this issue.”

Soper thanked the commenter, then offered his reply:  “There are things regarding firearms we could agree on, such as respect for the firearm, safe handling, and practice to be accurate,” wrote Soper. “If the other side really wants to reduce violence, we’d change how movies, video games, and tv shows portray murder and respect for life.”

Soper, who often touts his defense of constitutional rights, did not reply to an email asking how he envisions state government would enact or enforce such changes in the entertainment industry. This article will be updated with any response received. 

“Come and take it! They’ll have to invade the West Slope and murder us if they intend on us being defenceless! (sic),” reads Soper’s March 4 tweet, “We will NOT bow to tyrants and those who seek to disarms (sic) us need to be prepared for civil war!”