The Colorado Nonprofit Association asked nonprofit groups today for help sheltering migrants who’ve arrived recently in Denver.

In an email, the association stated that Denver “is in great need of the nonprofit community’s support as they continue to navigate the sheltering crisis and to ensure they can help migrants assimilate into the country with the best possible outcomes.”

The “immediate needs” flagged were:

Emergency shelter space: Nonprofits were asked for “temporary shelter for migrant arrivals while they wait for transportation to their final destination or while they determine where that final destination will be.”

Volunteers for donation sites. Nonprofits were asked for “volunteers to help sort donations at a new donation site.” Potential volunteers were directed to a city of Denver website.

Volunteers for shelters. Nonprofits were asked for “medical and non-medical volunteers to staff emergency migrant shelters.” Potential shelter volunteers were sent here.

Donations. Nonprofit groups were asked for “funding to support nonprofits and government entities currently working with migrants.” Potential donors were directed to the Rose Community Foundation.