With a fight brewing over who will be the next chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Trump lawyer and evangelical activist Harmeet Dhillon has thrown her hat in the ring – and she seems to have the early support of Colorado’s GOP National Committeeman, Randy Corporon.

“Frankly, this is nothing against Ronna [McDaniel, the incumbent RNC chair]. I think Ronna has faithfully served our country for three terms as RNC chair. She is a conservative,” Dhillon told Corporon on his KNUS radio show this weekend. “… I think she’s really fought hard. But facts speak for themselves, the results speak for themselves. And we have not won the last three election cycles.” (40:50 – 41:15)

Dhillon is a California-based lawyer who also serves as GOP National Committeeman for her state. Her law practice has attracted multiple high-profile, right-wing clients, having previously represented retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka, and even Donald Trump himself in the U.S. House Jan. 6 hearings. More recently, she has represented Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in her attempts to challenge or overturn her defeat in November’s election. 

Other notable clients represented by Dhillon’s practice include right-wing troll and self-proclaimed journalist Andy Ngo.

On top of that, Dhillon boasts a record of claiming victory for the conservatives at the U.S. Supreme Court. Her firm represented the Daily Wire’s successful challenge to the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate, as well as a challenge by California churches against state COVID restrictions.

“I’m incredibly proud of [the SCOTUS victories] as a person of faith,” Dhillon said. “The reality is, Randy, that we are not going to be able to win cases, including at the Supreme Court on down if we don’t have control of the people who appoint the judges and we don’t have judges who are constitutionalists, and we don’t have that right now. We just lost the Senate. And so for the next two years, this country is going to suffer under the Democrats stuffing the courts with judges who are on the far left.” (39:35 – 40:02)

The RNC Chair is in charge of the Republican National Committee as a whole, which controls the operation of the GOP at a national level. They provide national direction for election strategy, fundraising, and developing a national political platform. The RNC also organizes the Republican National Convention, during which the party officially nominates its presidential candidate for that year.

Dhillon already has plans for if she wins: For starters, she wants to shift GOP strategy towards early voting, which she claims gave Democrats an advantage in 2022. Once Republicans have won elections, she says they can then focus on eliminating those same early voting laws.

“So I think a lawsuit needs to be filed now to clean up what happens in the next election. But I also think, and this is controversial with our voters, I think that we need to be beating the Democrats at their own game,” she told Corporon. “In California, we mastered the art of voting early and getting our voters to vote early. We need to be doing that until we can change the laws and eliminate the unsecure early voting on the rolls. We have to be out-hustling them using the existing rules.” (37:50 – 38:28)

Corporon’s initial opinion seemed favorable towards Dhillon, whose bid to control the GOP pits her against incumbent RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, as well as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

“I know that that’s music to the ears of many listeners,” he said. “I will tell you that I have gotten probably 6 to 1 emails favoring your election compared to Ronna or the other competitor, Mike Lindell. So at least from the grassroots, you seem to be the early favorite and we’ll just get you back on when we have more time. I know you and I are going to have further conversation. I look forward to that.” (43:08 – 43:32)

Listen to the full interview here (starts at 34:00).