Here’s a sampling of the political ads that were sponsored by U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch. The two are locked in a super close race to represent a congressional district located in vast parts of southern and western Colorado, with Boebert currently leading by over 1,000 votes.

Video ads

FRISCH: This ad atttacks Boebert for her votes against veterans, and for drug companies, and against jobs.

See Frisch’s Facebook ads here.

BOEBERT: Boebert made an ad about an unsubstantiated accusation, denied by Frisch, that he had an affair. The ad uses a clip from right-wing KNUS radio host Dan Caplis to accuse Frisch of being blackmailed.

In another ad, Boebert accuses Frisch of being a “loser” who raised electricity rates in Aspen.

Another Bobert ad accusers Frisch of wanting to kill energy jobs.

Another Boebert ad questions when Frisch first regisgtered as a Democrat.

You can see Boebert’s Facebook ads here.


Below are Frisch’s ads that were apparently sent to voters. They touch on a wide range of issues, from abortion and veterans to water and energy.