The word itself has become a charged term, thanks to general annoyance on the right side of the political spectrum regarding anything that has to do with identity politics whatsoever. 

Despite that, the truth is that the human experience in the United States veers far from the one preached by the Declaration of Independence: that all men are created equal. That despite the noblest attempts by some to create a level playing field, the topography of the landscape still means an uphill trek for many from birth. 

Meanwhile, those born on the peaks commonly seek ways to maintain their high ground, and have no moral compass pointing them in any other direction. Instead of reaching a hand out to help others make the trek up — they look for ways to secure their footing on others’ necks. 

Rolling Stone broke a story July 26 that illustrates this perfectly

The piece reveals a horrific plot alleged by now-former Marine Matthew Belanger that includes mass rape, murder and attacking a synagogue in New York: “Matthew Belanger was arrested on June 10 in New York and charged with making false statements to a federal firearms licensee in order to make straw purchases of an assault rifle and handgun. Belanger pleaded not guilty to the firearms charges during an arraignment hearing on Monday.

“In a July 14 court memo, federal prosecutors say that while a Marine, Belanger plotted far more serious crimes as part of the neo-Nazi group. The memo says Belanger trained with Airsoft guns in the woods of Long Island as part of a plot to attack the ‘Zionist Order of Governments.’ The memo also says Belanger was the subject of an FBI Joint Terrorism Taskforce investigation into allegedly plotting to “engage in widespread homicide and sexual assault.” Much of Belanger’s ideology and plotting, the memo says, is based around a desire to lessen the number of nonwhite Americans and to rape “white women to increase the production of white children.”

Belanger was discharged from service with an Other Than Honorable Discharge in May of 2021. That designation means he was discharged for misconduct and renders him ineligible for many veterans benefits and also ineligible to reenlist. 

The story Rolling Stone unveils is shocking. Belanger, while still on active duty, was allegedly engaged in a plot with neo-Nazi groups such as Atomwaffen and Rapewaffen (a.k.a. Rapekrieg). Both are far-right extremist terror organizations steeped in hate of Jews and any non-white, European races. 

Atomwaffen’s James Mason

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “(Atomwaffen’s) ideology is neo-Nazi accelerationism. Accelerationists believe that the modern, post-industrial society cannot be redeemed. Instead, they believe it ought to be driven into apocalyptic collapse so a white ethnostate or whites-only utopia can be constructed in its wake. Unlike some other white power activists, accelerationists believe modernity has reached such a level of degeneracy and corruption that it cannot be rescued through mass movements or other political means. Instead, they favor a doctrine of ‘leaderless resistance,’ or diffuse cell-structured networks, for the purpose of engaging in terroristic acts.” They’ve been tied to multiple murders across the United States since their emergence in 2016. 

One of Atomwaffen’s prominent members, James Nolan Mason, lives in Denver and has promoted terrorism to achieve white supremacist goals.

Rapewaffen is a platform that emerged under the umbrella of the so-called Order of the Nine Angels — another neo-Nazi extremist group, based in the UK. According to the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, “Several O9A texts promote rape and pedophilia as a way to transgress against civilized norms and in 2020, the UK authorities reported being ‘concerned by the number of paedophiles associated with the O9A.’ As of 2019, six neo-Nazi followers of O9A in the US and the UK have been convicted of sexual assault and possession of child abuse material.”

Indeed, those who espouse the ideals of the Rapewaffen platform see rape as a means of both punishment of white women for having relationships outside their race and also a means of conception of more white babies. 

And in a nation where Roe v. Wade has been discarded — this idea becomes especially viable in states embracing wholesale abortion bans, even disallowing them in the cases of rape and incest. Currently, 15 states with new or impending abortion bans offer no exceptions for rape, incest, or both: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

At least one neo-Nazi from Colorado has publicly advocated this theory. Aidan Duncan, the young Groyper and conservative activist covered by the Colorado Times Recorder earlier this week, posted this to his Gab account following the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade:

“Now that abortion is banned we gotta be knocking up hoes left and right to raise that white birth rate! They can’t do anything about it if you get them pregnant.”

To put it bluntly: There are an increasing number of neo-Nazis in this country who are bent on using the abortion bans in at least 30% of the United States to further their agenda of raping white women to force them to conceive pregnancies that cannot be legally terminated. In many of these states, the act of terminating these pregnancies will result in greater penalties for the women who do so than for the men who raped them.