The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CCASA) is a state wide coalition that includes over one-hundred members. In less than a month since the landmark Supreme Court Case, Roe V. Wade’s overturn, CCASA has begun to plan for support of reproductive rights legislation in Colorado.

“Right now we are really developing our policy agenda going forward,” said Brandie Dye a spokesperson for CCASA. “We’ve been lucky in the past year that a lot of the bills we’ve supported have gotten passed in the 2022 session.” 

In the 2022 session CCASA supported twelve bills, including the Safe Reporting Assaults Suffered by Sex Workers bill and the the Victim Rights bill. Both were passed in in the 2022 Colorado legislation session. 

“Forced pregnancy is violence, simply put. We are all about choice and consent as an organization. The roll back of Roe has been devastating for survivors,” elaborated Ms. Dye. “Sexual violence is not some niche issue that people have to worry about. This is an issue for all of us to care about.”