Earth Force, an environmental education group, is working to bring environmental consciousness to classrooms through three summer learning and collaboration programs offered to teachers.

With these programs, Earth Force hopes that educators will return to classrooms in the fall prepared with lessons geared toward understanding current environmental challenges and how to solve them with civic engagement.

Each workshop has a component of civic leadership that allows for teachers to guide students to find ways to implement change and seek methods of obtaining funding or tangible resources for environmental projects. The six step method employed by Earth Force includes selection of a specific issue and then policy and practice research.

“Earth Force allows educators to teach in a way that not only empowers students to become leaders in their own community, but also allows the educators to participate as facilitators of that knowledge and nurture a hands-on, minds-on community of learners,” says Tracy Hollis, former educator in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Earth Force is offering three summer courses: an introduction seminar, a K-12 educator specific course, and a conference for environmental educators.