Congressional candidate Barbara Kirkmeyer, a Weld County Republican, said today that she had “nothing” to do with political advertisements that label two of her GOP primary opponents, Jan Kulmann and Lori Sain, “Liberals” and imply that they are “Democrats.”

“I would just say this, first of all, that I did not put out that piece,” Kirkmeyer told KCOL’s Jimmy Lakey this morning. “I didn’t have any involvement in that piece. I didn’t do anything with that piece. Any writing of that piece. Nothing. I don’t know who that group is.”

Last week, Lakey said on air that “people that support Barbara Kirkmeyer” are responsible for the ads, which are both digital and mailed fliers and are paid for by conservatives who’ve supported Kirkmeyer in the past and opposed Saine.

Saine has also said the Kirkmeyer’s supporters were responsible for the ads.

“You know, it was, I guess, to some degree, an attack piece,” Kirkmeyer told Lakey, adding that she hadn’t heard Saine or Kulmann “refute the facts that were on that card.”

Among the accusations on the advertisement was the statement that Saine “Led the ‘NEVER TRUMP’ Movement in Colorado” — an allegation that’s not true, as evidenced in part by the fact that Saine was one of a minority of state GOP lawmakers who signed a letter in 2016 backing Trump. Saine has also refuted the allegation.

But Kirkmeyer said she thought the ad, which was paid for by Conservatives for Retaking Congress, was wrong to call Saine a liberal.

“Calling Lori Saine a liberal is silly,” Kirkmeyer told Lakey. “You know, that’s just silly. But at the same time on your show, Lori Saine said she was the only one who’s a conservative. Isn’t that kind of the same thing?”

Saine is among the most far-right elected officials in Colorado, and though no Saine firebrand, Kulmann would not be accurately characterized as a liberal.

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The winner of the race will take on Democrat Yadira Caraveo to represent the district, which lies mostly north of Denver. An eighth congressional district was assigned to Denver after the 2020 Census.