In recognition of World Refugee Day, Governor Jared Polis applauded the efforts of the Colorado legislature in fostering a welcoming, safe environment for foreign refugees coming to the state and celebrated the state’s commitment to providing opportunities for refugees which ultimately benefit the entire state.

The administration led by Polis and Lieutenant Governor Diane Primavera issued a press advisory last week which highlighted the positive fiscal and economic impact of refugees coming to Colorado.  

“These individuals and families contribute to our thriving economy, support jobs and businesses and are part of the fabric of our communities,” said Polis.

Congressman Jared Polis

Cited in the news release, the Economic and Fiscal Impact of Refugees in Colorado Report states that the economic activity of refugees in Colorado has generated $611 million in new salaries and wages, and that for every dollar spent on refugees, $1.68 is generated through industry activity across the state. 

Colorado’s past efforts in refugee aid include providing transitional housing for Afghan refugees in cooperation with Operation Allies Refuge. 

Governor Polis’ recognition of World Refugee Day continues the state’s role and relationship with refugee support, as demonstrated by the recent welcoming of 3,127 refugees from 44 countries, including 70 Ukrainians and over 2,000 Afghans. 

“Refugees bring their skills, strengths, ideas and innovative spirit and Colorado is proud to welcome refugees who have fled oppression and love our country as we continue to build a Colorado for all,” Polis said. 

In the past year, the Polis-Primavera administration has signed the following refugee related bills into law:

  • SB22-140 expands use of funds to support English Language Learners in job searching through expansion of language skills. 
  • HB22-1050  aids Colorado healthcare workers who are internationally trained to become licensed in the U.S. and Colorado.