Three Colorado members of the white supremacist organization Patriot Front were arrested in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on Saturday for conspiracy to riot. A group of 31 members from Patriot Front arrived at a pride event in City Park in downtown Coeur d’Alene, where counter protesters had gathered to protest the LGBT people and families participating in the event.

“31 people were detained,” said Lee White, chief of the Coeur d’Alene Police Department during a press conference. “They were all wearing similar attire. They had shields, shinguards and other riot gear with them, including at least one smoke grenade. Those 31 individuals have been arrested for conspiracy to riot. At this point they appear to be affiliated with the group Patriot Front.”

White said the arrests of the Patriot Front members were made with the cooperation of federal law enforcement. The Colorado members arrested were:

  • Nathan David Brenner, a 26 year-old from Louisville.
  • Forrest Clark Rankin, a 28 year-old from Wheat Ridge.
  • Connor James Ryan, a 23 year-old from Thornton.

Patriot Front is known for their surprise demonstrations, where large groups of members arrive to events in rented box trucks. Patriot Front have taken part in anti-abortion events in Chicago and Washington D.C., and last July Patriot Front was run out of Philadelphia, PA by residents. Thomas Rousseau, the leader of Patriot Front who was also arrested Saturday, had been previously arrested in 2020 for criminal mischief for placing Patriot Front stickers on Parker County, Texas property.

Patriot Front has also taken part in vandalism campaigns throughout Colorado. In 2019, Patriot Front member Samuel Cordova was arrested for vandalizing Bookbar in Denver while it hosted a drag queen story hour event.

Patriot Front members vandalizing a pro-abortion mural in Denver. Courtesy Unicorn Riot.

This is a developing story.