Earlier today, a Mesa County grand jury indicted Clerk Tina Peters on ten felony and misdemeanor charges relating to the leaking of secure election data, but that hasn’t dissuaded MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell from supporting her. Lindell says he still endorses Peters and that he will “one hundred percent” campaign for her in Colorado, saying “the people want Tina Peters! I’ll be out there sooner rather than later.”

Asked by the Colorado Times Recorder if he planned to help Peters post the $500,000 cash-only bond, Lindell said he couldn’t say as he was only just learning about it, but mused that the judge who set the bond amount “is probably crooked.”

Peters faces up to nearly three decades behind bars, but Lindell says it’s all a cover-up.

“Tina Peters was indicted on a bunch of trumped-up charges to cover up the real crimes done by Jena Griswold and Dominion against the people of Colorado and the nation,” says Lindell. “Jena Griswold and Dominion deleted the 2020 election and the election in 2021. It’s called election-deflection. It’s a joke. You’re going to see Jena Griswold and Dominion end up in prison. Read the second report. It has all the evidence that they deleted the 2020 election.”

The “second report” Lindell mentions is an already debunked document produced by Peters’ legal team that alleges various security vulnerabilities in the old Mesa County election machines.

Asked about Colorado GOP Chair Kristi Burton Brown’s call for Peters to suspend her campaign now that’s she’s under indictment, Lindell dismissed Brown’s position out of hand.

“She’s wrong,” said Lindell. “[Chairwoman Brown] should worry more about having voting machines in Colorado than making recommendations about who she thinks should run. The GOP should ask what the people want. They want common-sense politicians who are not corrupt. What the people want in our country, we want people like TP that stood up to Dominion and the election crime of 2020. Everyone in this country knows the election was stolen. If we don’t fix 2020, we’ve lost our country.

“Any Republican who’s running, the first question you should ask is, ‘was the election stolen?’ If they say ‘no’ BZZZZT! [buzzer noise] Wrong answer! You’re not for the people! This day and age, if there’s a Republican who’s running that should be the first question, and they’re going to be either traitors or heroes.” 

Asked whether he planned on endorsing other Colorado Republicans currently campaigning on a platform of claiming the 2020 election was stolen, Lindell demurred, saying he’s only endorsed a handful of top statewide candidates so far. In addition to Peters, he listed Attorney General candidates Ken Paxton in Texas and Matt DePerno in Michigan, as well as Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake. “These are all people that one thing in common: they’re trying to save our country.”

Excluding Peters, Lindell’s candidates have one other thing in common: they’re all been endorsed by former President Trump, who has yet to take a position on any of the Republican primary candidates in Colorado.

Lindell also said he’s working on a variety of legal actions intended to reveal the supposed fraud of the 2020 election.

“Over the next three weeks, you’re going to see lots of things come out criminally against people, including some filed in Colorado. You’re also going to see things filed against Dominion and all the machines. They’ll be lawsuits coming out there, that all the [voting] machines are defective. The Supreme Court complaint is going to be coming out with the Attorneys General. March is going to be one of the most amazing months ever — it’s going to be looked back on in history.”

Peters wasn’t the only one indicted today; the grand jury also charged her deputy, Belinda Knisley, with several felonies as well.

As of late this afternoon, Knisley has turned herself in to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

UPDATE: Just after 4:00 p.m. the Mesa Sheriff announced Peters turned herself in.