Shortly following its assembly on March 19, the Fremont County GOP released a list of all its adopted resolutions, which include working to ban Dominion Voting across Colorado, opposing Critical Race Theory in schools, and supporting physicians’ right to administer off-label drugs to treat COVID-19.

State Rep. Ron Hanks was a delegate at this assembly.

According to another document from the Fremont GOP, delegates to the assembly included Colorado U.S. Senate candidate and current state Rep. Loren Hanks aka Ron Hanks (R-Canon City), as well as state Rep. Stephanie Luck (R-Penrose).

The list contains a total of seventeen resolutions.

Election integrity comes in at the top of the list. The resolution states that “Fremont County Republicans support banning the use of electronic or electromechanical voting machines, especially Dominion,” both in Fremont and statewide.

This references the prolific – and thoroughly discredited – allegations of security issues with Dominion Voting Systems machines, which many Republicans believe caused Trump to lose the 2020 election. 

Resolution #1 also contains a section declaring that the GOP will “pursue legal charges against the Colorado Secretary of State and any Colorado County Clerk and Recorder that allows non-citizens to vote.”

Under Colorado law, non-citizens are already not allowed to vote in statewide elections. This clause seems to stoke fear, without providing evidence, of Colorado election officials intentionally allowing non-citizens to vote in order to skew election results.

From there, the resolutions continue with plans to oppose women’s right to abortion, uphold 2nd amendment rights, and prevent social media platforms from censoring politicians.

Resolution #8, regarding “Medical Freedom,” states that “the Republican Party supports the rights of health care providers to prescribe, and physicians to dispense, FDA-approved drugs for the off-label treatment of COVID-19.”

The off-label drug that Republicans have most commonly promoted for treating COVID-19 is ivermectin, a deworming treatment intended for livestock. No evidence has been found to suggest that ivermectin successfully treats COVID-19. Multiple studies have suggested that ivermectin has little to no effect on COVID infection.

Resolution #8 also includes a declaration that the Fremont GOP will promote legislation preventing “government interference” when parents make medical decisions for their children, “including but not limited to mask wearing, vaccinations, abortion, gender identification and sex change.”

Resolution #10 moves on to public education. Here, the Fremont GOP declares its opposition to both critical race theory (which is not taught in public schools) and “comprehensive sexuality education.” The latter apparently includes “personal beliefs about marriage and gender.”

Resolution #13 is entitled “Communist Threat.” It reads as follows:

“BE IT RESOLVED that the Republican Party will employ any and all means necessary to prevent China and other entities from undermining the United States by any methods including but not limited to violating patents and copyrights, illegally appropriating technology, and illegally transporting fentanyl into the United States.”

China is far from the only enemy the Fremont GOP wants to stop by “all means necessary.” Resolution #14 declares an intent to secure the southern border by all means necessary, “including resuming construction of the border wall.”

Resolution #15 concerns promoting “the values this great country was founded upon.” Among these so-called foundational American values is a statement that seems to take aim at the validity of gay marriage: “the Republican Party promotes the sole definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.”

This resolution also comes out in favor of energy independence and expansion of America’s oil and gas industry. It wishes to promote “understanding of the truths that American oil production is far less polluting to the environment than production of foreign sources of oil and shipping it to the US where much of it needs to be further refined upon arrival.”

While global shipping does contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, stateside oil production is still highly detrimental to the environment.

The final resolution, #17, includes a declaration to urge the repeal of national popular vote in Colorado.

Fremont GOP Chair Rick Castor did not immediately respond to an email requesting comment. This article will be updated with any response received.

You can read the full list of resolutions on the Fremont County Republican Party website, under “ADOPTED RESOLUTIONS.”