On the March 11 episode of his Conservative Daily podcast, CO extremist and election fraud conspiracist Joe Oltmann presented a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin giving a speech threatening the United States and Europe to end their “globalist plan” or else face God and Putin’s wrath. In a subsequent podcast from the same day, Oltmann admits the video is sourced from Russian propaganda but qualifies the validity of its content, suggesting it could be true.

“I want to point something out, though, that I think is important for everyone,” Oltmann explained to his on-air cohost Apollo during an episode entitled ‘The Difference Between Propaganda and the Truth is 24 Hours.’ “This morning, when I played that video from Russia, that was actually a propaganda video. [chuckles] That was a Russian propaganda video. But here’s something I want to point out just so that you understand. Yeah, it was put out by Russia. You know, and [cohost] Max [McGuire] pointed it out, he goes, ‘Joe, it even had the music.’ Yeah, it had the music. It doesn’t mean it’s not true.”

The Russian propaganda video was played during a previous episode from earlier that day, entitled “World War 3 Is the Deep State Vs. The People.” The topic of that episode revolved around supposed lies that are allegedly propagated by mainstream media outlets.

In that episode, Oltmann discusses a change in hate speech policy by the social media platform Meta, allowing posts on Facebook and Instagram that include calls for violence against Russian invaders in Ukraine. Oltmann claims the policy is intentional to fortify a leftist narrative in support of Ukraine, serving to divide Americans.

Oltmann says Ukraine is run by “some of the most evil people in the entire globe.”

The video of Putin’s speech is not identified by location or date, but Oltmann says he verified the content of the English translation of the speech in Russian.

“Your media needs to start telling the truth,” Putin says in his speech. “America and Europe, if you do not finish [end] your plan, in addition to divine wrath you will also face my wrath. Back off your plan. God and my country or death. Viva!”

Oltman then legitimizes Putin’s words, suggesting that the Russian president is correct in accusing western media of lying to their audiences to boost public support for what Oltmann considers unjust complicity aiding Ukrainian resistance.

“Okay, so let me unpack this you really quick,” Oltmann said on the podcast. “When a nation is attacked, the words of their leaders are typically very, very strong, if they are a strong leader. And I look at what Putin has said up until this point, that he wants the sovereignty of the Russia to be respected. And a lot of people have said that Russia is bad, and that Putin is bad. Well, I refuse to believe that the people in Russia are bad, because the people in the United States are really good people. In our country, they are really good people — holistically, really good people. And most people don’t adhere to the B.S. of the couple thousand people that get on the street and act like idiots and burn and loot things. What Putin is saying there is that he knows about the plan that’s a globalist plan. Now, let me ask you a question: is it possible that a globalist plan would be unleashed upon the American people?”