After saying last month that the Aurora police chief should be fired, Aurora City Councilwoman Danielle Jurisnky took aim Friday at the “entire staff” of the city of Aurora.

Asked by a conservative talk show host whether she thinks it’s “just the chief or is there a larger culture at Aurora PD that needs to be shaken up,” Jurinksy blasted “bureaucrats” across the city.

“Mandy, I don’t think that’s just the Aurora PD; I think that’s the entire staff over at Aurora,” said Jurinsky Feb. 25 on KOA’s conservative Mandy Connell show. “You know, it’s a bureaucratic form of government. Mike Coffman is in a weak mayoralship position, and it’s bureaucrats running the city.

“And you know, I’ve had to ask myself several times, and this has been a huge learning curve for me. This has been. But I’ve had to ask myself several times, ‘Why did I run for office?’ I may have, in fact, more power just going and getting a job with the city.”

In response to Jurinsky’s attack on Aurora workers, Aurora Council Member Juan Marcano, a Democrat, praised Aurora staff.


“Our city is staffed by professionals who care deeply for our community and give their all to deliver as high a quality of life as possible, oftentimes despite the political machinations of the mayor and council,” Marcano told the Colorado Times Recorder.

Marcano, who filed a complaint against Jurinsky in the wake of her comment about firing the police chief, continued: “Coffman didn’t understand the role he ran for and is upset that he can’t act as a lord over his fiefdom. This is why he ensured dark money flooded into our races to get toadies elected that would support his goal of becoming King of Aurora, a city that he never once won during his tenure as a congressman and that he only became mayor of in a race where more people voted for someone else than voted for him.

Listen to a portion of Jurinsky’s comments below and the full interview here:

Jurinsky, a Republican, said on KOA that she wants to give Aurora’s mayor more power, because now it’s the “city manager who is running the city.”

The Aurora City Council, which is controlled by Republicans, can fire the city manager.