On Friday, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) announced that its board of directors has named Adrienne Mansanares as the organization’s new president. Mansanares, who served as a PPRM executive since 2016 and formerly chaired the board of directors, brings years of experience and passion to her new role.

After Vicki Cowart, PPRM’s CEO of 18 years, announced her retirement in October, the board of directors began its search for a new leader who valued diversity, equity, and inclusion, and would strive to build relationships within the community while advancing PPRM’s mission. Mansanares embodies the core qualities the organization was seeking, according to Julia Alvarez, chair of PPRM’s board of directors.

“Adrienne Mansanares is the right leader for this moment in our history,” said Alvarez in a statement. “Visionary, results-oriented, empathetic and collaborative — she understands what our patients and communities need and is committed to delivering.”

Mansanares’ promotion comes at a precarious time for reproductive and sexual rights, amid challenges to Roe v. Wade. Reproductive and sexual health care are under threat in the U.S., and they’ve become increasingly difficult to access, particularly for low-income patients and patients of color.

In a statement, Mansanares vowed to address the “urgent, unmet need in our region and nationwide” for this type of care, which she sees as vital to the health of communities. And for her, this mission is also personal; she once sought reproductive health care as a young, uninsured patient living in a rural area. Having lived this experience firsthand, she is fervently dedicated to PPRM’s mission.

“I am committed to bringing together political, health care, and community leaders of all backgrounds and perspectives to advance the whole health of our patients, and, in turn, our communities,” said Mansanares in a statement. “My approach to this work is deeply rooted in the communities we are so proud to serve every day, and I welcome and encourage others to join PPRM to ensure high quality, affordable, compassionate care is accessible to all.”