In a Sep. 11 speech to the conservative evangelical “Truth & Liberty Conference” in Colorado Springs, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert mocked Colorado’s Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission, implying that the members of the commission are drawing maps to favor Democrats.

“I know If a Democrat wins this seat they don’t work for Colorado they work for Nancy Pelosi,” said Boebert. “I see it every day. So no matter how they try to draw the maps- you know they tried to give us Boulder, they try to do all these extreme things.

It’s an independent commission, folks- don’t worry! There’s no partisanship, don’t worry!

It doesn’t matter which Democrat comes out of their primary successfully. It doesn’t matter how they draw the maps, I am going to win my seat in Colorado’s Third District and Nancy Pelosi will have the gavel removed from her hands!”

Boebert’s clearly sarcastic tone when she says “It’s an independent commission, folks- don’t worry! There’s no partisanship, don’t worry!” implies that the commissioners are trying to help Democrats in violation of the state constitution.

Boebert’s office did not immediately respond to an email inquiry as to whether she is aware that the state Congressional Redistricting Commission is an independent body with equal representation of Republicans, Democrats, and unaffiliated Colorado voters. as dictated by the passing of Amendments Y & Z in 2018. This article will be updated with any response received.

Maps are drawn by the Commission’s nonpartisan staff, reflecting the input gathered over numerous public meetings held over the last several weeks. The first staff map included a Second District that stretched from Boulder to Colorado’s border with Utah, and included the residences of both Boebert and her colleague from Boulder, Congressman Joe Neguse. Boebert later said she would run for reelection in the Third District regardless of the new map. Colorado law does not require member of Congress to live in the districts they represent.

At least two-thirds of the commission (eight members) must approve any proposed map for it to pass. The state constitution specifically forbids commissioners from protecting the interests of incumbent elected officials.

Since her speech, Boebert was continued to imply that Democrats somehow control the redistricting process, including this tweet from earlier today.