In an interview last week with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell confirmed the Colorado Times Recorder’s previous reporting that embattled Mesa County, Colorado, Clerk Tina Peters flew to Lindell’s election fraud conference on the millionaire’s private jet.

“So Tina,” Lindell told Jones. “I’m flying her in and her office gets raided as she’s in the air on my plane.”

In introducing Peters, Lindell mentions unspecified problems with Mesa County’s 2020 election.

“They voted her in — the new clerk and the top lady that takes care of everything for the election,” said Lindell, “Well that transition didn’t go well in November because they had a lot of stuff hid but anyway…”

Lindell is presumably referencing the primary conspiracy theory promoted at his recent “Cyber Symposium,” that Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems rigged its own machines to ensure President Trump lost the election. He flew Peters’ to his conference because of the confidential election data she allegedly helped copy and steal from her own office.

According to the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby, it appears Peters was already prepared to attend the conference on her own. She purchased a commercial airline ticket to South Dakota and charged the cost of the flight to Mesa County taxpayers.

Instead, Peters joined the Mesa GOP First Vice-Chair Jaqueline Anderson, her husband Cory (a Three Percenter militia supporter who has been training U.S. Election Integrity Plan conspiracists to knock doors in search of voter fraud), Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop, and other USEIP volunteers on Lindell’s private jet.

All but Peters presumably returned to Colorado two days later, when flight records show Lindell’s jet flying from Sioux Falls to Grand Junction and then Centennial before returning to South Dakota. The following day, the jet made an early morning lap from Sioux Falls to Fort Worth, TX. Lindell has said that he is helping Peters hide out in Texas as the criminal investigation into her alleged actions heats up.

The “raid” Lindell says took place is the Aug 10 inspection of Peters’ office and election equipment conducted by the Colorado Secretary of State’s staff, accompanied by Mesa Clerk staff, though not Peters herself, who had indeed left for South Dakota that day.

Read the complete transcript of Lindell’s recounting of Tina Peters’ trip to South Dakota below:

“And that day then it really got crazy! I was flying in Tina Peters from Colorado,” said Lindell. “I don’t know if you’ve heard about her. Everybody — you need to look it up! She is a whistleblower. Now all this stuff the Secretary of State and Dominion have done to her — I’m gonna cover that in a minute — but they raided — she’s the head of all the election in Mesa County. She got voted — I mean they voted her in — the new clerk and the top lady that takes care of everything for the election. Well, that transition didn’t go well in November because they had a lot of stuff hid but anyway… .

“So Tina, I’m flying her in and her office gets raided as she’s in the air on my plane. Her office gets completely raided and then another guy, the same day now. Or no, the next day. It gets to be the night of the second night of the symposium, and I get wind that another house was raided with four little kids- they raided this guy’s house. I don’t know if he’s a friend of Tina’s or what or just in that office. Raided his house! Now he’s scared, he doesn’t want to go public, he doesn’t want his name out there!”