Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert posted a video from inside Denver’s airport on Monday morning. During the video she is not wearing a mask, in violation of federal law, which states that masks are to be worn at all times on airport property.

The Transportation Security Administration, charged with keeping people safe at airports, is responsible for enforcing the mask law. Denver International Airport’s website explains the law on its COVID safety page:

“While face masks have been required at DEN since May 2020, federal law now requires anyone over the age of 2, to wear a mask at all times in and on airport property. Failure to comply may result in removal from airport property and denial of re-entry. Refusing to wear a mask in or on the airport is a violation of federal law and individuals may be subject to penalties under federal law.”

Of the dozens of people walking past Boebert during her 40-second video, everyone who is close enough to have the front of their head visible appears to be wearing a mask.

In July Boebert gleefully tweeted that the Texas statehouse Democrats who were seen flying without masks “will now be known as #FugitiveSuperspreaders

She has called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi for failing to wear a mask in public.

Boebert’s press office did not immediately return an email request for comment. This article will be updated with any response received.