Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck appeared to acknowledge in a leaked video yesterday that stirring up outrage over critical race theory and transgender kids playing on sports teams is a political strategy for Republicans to turn out voters and win back seats in Congress in 2022.

The video, which was posted by progressive journalist Lauren Windsor of The Undercurrent, shows Buck speaking at a conservative event on Capitol Hill where he claims without evidence that Google changed its algorithm ahead of the November 2020 presidential election to help Biden and hurt Trump.

“They chose the winner,” he said. “The estimates are they moved 15 million votes.”

“How do we win if they can do that every election?” an attendee asked Buck.

“We will win,” Buck answered. “The people are so upset about boys playing girls’ sports and critical race theory and all the other things that are going on that we will win the majority.”

Buck goes on to say that when Republicans win control of Congress due to the widespread public outrage over critical race theory and children’s sports teams, they’ll be able to stop Google’s treachery.

Over the past several weeks, politicians and media personalities have been riling up conservatives about critical race theory, claiming it’s racist against white people and is being forced on children in classrooms, despite evidence to the contrary.

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In a video apparently recorded at the same event and released by Windsor, Republican Congressman Chip Roy of Texas can be heard saying, “Eighteen more months of chaos and the inability to get stuff done, that’s what we want.”

Buck’s and Roy’s comments give weight to the left’s claim that Republicans would rather sow discord than push for policy changes that would benefit their constituents.