Your problem is that every little thing has meaning


Straight man on a 250 cc beastlet
Spluttering down Lake Shore Drive
Leather jacket supple, worn,
Seaweed backpack salty egg case dorsal hump 
Work pants matte and matte again
Boots understated, functional, earthbound

Exposed by the taut divergence 
Of jacket hem from trouser waistband
A convex expanse of 
White fabric
The size of a football 
Stretches across his lumbar back
A manifestation of absence
A beacon of commitment


Thirty knot north gale
Ten meter spray
Five ducks 
Ride it out

It’s me and the Frosty Man 
On a cold day in the park
It’s 48 degrees with a north wind
No one is buying

Playing fields
Wait for the tremor that signals life
After a lost year, a vacant year
A silent year
When it was often just me in the park

But today the Frosty Man is back
With that relentless song 
Which if the world ends now
Will be the last musical experience of my life

I humiliated him once for 
Overcharging an eight year old 
Buying solace after a soccer game
Two-fifty for a buck-fifty ice cream
He scowled and threw a damp dollar 
Back across the counter to the kid
Who had to reach up to claim it
A limp measure of justice

The kid lives in Brooklyn now 
Selling photographs
Commuting to Jersey City
The Frosty Man’s deceit lost
Amid a decade’s more urgent battles

Soccer balls subside in my basement 
With Scott Fitzgerald, boots, 
Hamster hutches, skis, a clock radio…
It’s all the quality of aluminum
Cheap rigid sharp persistent
The taste of the cold sun

The kid is a year further away

But the Frosty Man is still here
In the park with me

Da da 
Deet-deet deet-deet deet-deet 
Da da 
Da-da da-da-da


On social media
I feel like I’m walking
Naked through a crowd
There must be something wrong 
With my programming

Convention holds that 
For mathematicians 
Your most creative and productive years 
Are behind you by age forty
Thus mathematicians share a fate 
With professional athletes
A lax body, or a lacking mind,
For half your life

I was disappointed to learn that Facebook’s
Behavior Modification Department,
Milgram Group,
Has abandoned plans to add progressively
Strengthening electric shocks 
To its cell phone notifications 

The self-absorbed excuse
Any fool can see
But only a fool would try to justify
Fed up, fed down, fed in the middle

‘I feel like’ has become a commonplace
It’s just a colloquial expression
But is nevertheless wrong
Because there is no way 
For a listener to refute it
If you say ‘I feel bad’ 
I can’t say ‘No, actually, you don’t feel that way’
So if you say ‘I feel like acorns come from maple trees’
Who am I to deny your feelings?
I feel like that’s kind of unfair

Culturally, consumption without creation
Equals stasis– 
See something, say something

In every realm–
Especially the immaterial– 
Clutter kills

First axiom of OCD housekeeping
Presume Dirt

Many people just talk,
Because it makes them feel.less.lonely.

I went to a nude beach
Which raised an unexpected question
Shaved or unshaved
What a question
Ice cream or candy
Vodka or gin
Nuts or berries
Can we attach an interesting person to that patch of skin please?

Rolling in dough and rolling in hay go together


In the animal world there is a direct relationship 
Between length of life and number of heartbeats
Some authority has allocated to all creatures
About the same number of heartbeats per lifetime
So our lived experience 
Will be either concentrated or extended
Depending on how fast our hearts beat
You, palpitating next to me,
Are living faster

Each second of a mouse’s life thus represents
A condensation of experience
Imagine the efficiency
If consciousness could be thus compressed

Statistically speaking, then,
To get exercised is to briefly shorten your life
In exchange for deferred benefits

All of this
Makes me nervous 


What’s the chance that
Your interpretation of anything 
Is universal, And
When facts are incidental,
Who gets to decide?

Nxivm Fyre Fest Enron Lehman
WaMu AIG Bear Stearns Madoff
Share a common characteristic
Elizabeth Holmes, represent

Uhaul on a steamy day
Mobile hot yoga 

If your world revolves around food
You are a gourmand
If your food revolves around you
You are in the garbage disposal

Woulda coulda shoulda om
Why Buddhists sit there doing nothing

Choosing and wishing can be opposites

Work Study works both ways

It takes a good mind
And a strong work ethic
To be unemployable

The best work will always be student work

I am walked
Not driven

My shoes squeak 
When I walk

I would too