U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) made national headlines yesterday in the wake of a lawsuit, filed by a former Lamborn staffer, alleging that the Congressman recklessly exposed staff to COVID.

Here’s a collection of headlines about the lawsuit. I think the FOX News headline is the fairest and most accurate.

What do you think?

Politico: “Eye-popping lawsuit portrays GOP lawmaker’s office as a Covid-19 petri dish”

Yahoo News: “GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn let his son live in a storage unit in the US Capitol basement for weeks, lawsuit claims”

NBC News: Former staffer sues over Colorado Rep. Lamborn’s ‘reckless and dangerous approach’ to Covid

Law360: “Ex-Staffer Rips Congressman’s ‘Dangerous’ Pandemic Antics”

Washington Post: “Former aide says congressman recklessly exposed staff to coronavirus, let son live in Capitol basement”

Canon City Daily Record: “Colorado U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn sued for alleged lax COVID office protocols, making staff run errands for family”

Daily Beast: “Colorado GOP Rep. Accused of Letting Son Live in Capitol Basement, Disregarding Coronavirus Protocols”

FOX News: “Rep. Doug Lamborn fights lawsuit claiming ‘reckless’ response to COVID-19 pandemic”

The Fox headline delivers the accusation in the lawsuit, and communicates the notion that Lamborn is fighting it.

It’s not as interesting as the image of Lamborn’s office being a COVID “petri dish,” but it’s more accurate.