What if every day
You brushed your teeth a little bit differently
Dressed, ate, went to work, came home, washed
A little differently
Would you then week by week, year by year
Become a different person?
Fact is, you did

We are recycling as we speak

You may say my choices reflect
A lack of common sense
I’d agree…
But could we call it
Uncommon sense?

We are told to
Control the things we can control
So pick up the damn remote

How many times has your life
Been like tv
How many times has tv
Been like your life
Which is better
Which is more likely
What’s the difference

I passed a
Man-tower standing
In his bike pedals
Listening down at a
Woman walking by his side
In a Red Hills Triathalon jersey
She said I asked him what’s your fantasy
He said well teacher student is pretty hot

I’m a he his
But if my gender
Were to flow—
As it might-—
I think I would be
An it its
Would be easier
For me to get used
To being generic
Than plural

Late February
Saturday afternoon
Winter’s ending
Everyone’s out of their dens
Quilted coats and cockerdoodles bounding
Ahead, with a lingering step,
A slight man of modest height
Dressed in worn black
His ushanka a fur donut around his head

His left foot turns
To one o’clock and wavers
As it drops in front of his right
His right backs to eleven thirty
In response
He gives the impression
As he carries forward
Of moving rightward
Though he does not

Holding a cigarette
In the hand he extends to steady himself
He brushes the top of a hedge with
A gentle touch that says
I belong here too

Overprotective people send three messages:
I don’t trust you
I’m smarter than you
I’m afraid
None of which have anything to do with you.

The past is an
Archipelago of shattered

One of the better ways to feel Incompetent is to
Try unsuccessfully to fix something
That later fixes itself

Cosmic microwave background radiation
Is what you get after you nuke a lava lamp

Which curses sell best
Question number one
If MBAs worked with witchdoctors

In the future everything may be trackable
Down to the cellular level
This will make life much easier
Or at least more convenient

Dis dissed:
Use these verbs please

I envision political views as determined by
Blinders that open and close
Fully back objective ready to receive
Fully forward
Converging to a point in front of the face
The ideological automaton
Receptive only
To a bullet of pure bullshit
Directed into the eyeballs

Influence this, motherfucker

Our cat seems overloaded with
Sensory inputs when faced
With an open door
Immobilized on the threshold
‘In an unresponsive stupor’
This is how I feel in supermarkets
And on the internet

My covid losses, so few
Fingernail clippings as against worlds

A metronome shows no mercy

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference
Between rigor and mortis

I’d rather be contradictory than

Don’t find this musing amusing
Click away click away

Ether Ether Ether


What’s the point
That’s the point

On deck!