Below are comments in response to a quote excerpt from an article posted by the Colorado Times Recorder March 19 titled, “CO Republican Speaks Out Against Racially Biased Crime Following Atlanta Attack.”

The story, by Ciella Sfirri, covered state Rep. Matt Soper (R-Delta) calling for the condemnation of and action against anti-Asian hate and racism in Colorado.

Soper, who gave his speech March 19 on the floor of the House, was met with some backlash from certain Republicans. House Minority Leader Hugh McKean (R-Loveland), Rep. Dan Woog (R-Erie), and Rep. Rod Bockenfeld (R-Aurora) all expressed feelings of disappointment or victimization.

We posted the statement made by state Rep. Rod Bockenfeld (R-Aurora) as a stand-alone meme on our Facebook page:

Bockenfeld stated that, “It cuts to my core every time I’m called a racist, a white supremacist, cause of the color of my skin. I didn’t ask for this color.”

Here are selected Facebook comments in response to the meme:

“‘People suffering from racism means I’m really the oppressed one here’ – Rod (R)”

“It’s weird. I share his skin color and I don’t get called a racist or a white supremacist. Makes me wonder if it goes deeper than his skin color.”

“Stop furthering white supremacy causes and maybe people will stop saying these things about you.”

“Poor, poor old white guy who has never suffered oppression or racism for a second of his life. It’s not your skin color that makes you a white supremacist, it’s your words and actions. But as always conservatives need to play the victim.”

“If the shoe fits…”

“I’m sorry, but if you are being called a racist, it isn’t because of your color, it is because you have clearly stated your negativity towards another color, race, or religion!! You just happen to be white, so ‘white’ supremacist fits!!”

“The outright ignorance and privilege is astounding.”

“And so tell us Sir. How do you think all Black Americans feel then???”

“A man who’s made more than slightly racist comments throughout his career. A man that fights for privatized prisons. A man who rushes to the aid of proven racist cops and judges. A man who believes lack of consent shouldn’t be admitted in rape cases. But really, all his problems are because the color of his skin. Right.”

“Can’t see the trees because he’s in the forest.”

“If it cuts to the core when someone calls you a racist, it is probably because that is where your racism is.”

“Just a little defensive? Me thinks he’s a liar.”

“If the legislature isn’t the right place to discuss discrimination, gun control, etc., then where is it appropriate? These jerks are just chicken shits.”

Mark Bromley, a Republican candidate who lost to state Rep. Kyle Mullica (D-Northglenn) riled up more than a few people with his comment.

He argued that people should not be pointing fingers, that voters should have voted for him instead of Mullica to counter racism against Asians, and that Colorado Politics “fabricated” a story to ensure he didn’t get elected, despite the CP story being backed up by documented evidence the entire way through.

Oh, and anyone who doesn’t like him is a Nazi.

“Reflecting on the Asian racism and violence recently in the News. I’m a Republican and married to an Asian. I understand the racism; it’s been aimed at my family here in Colorado, Utah, the US Navy, Homeland Security and California. It’s terrible and it’s some of the worse activity I’ve ever experienced. I started running for office as this is one of my reasons for running. The racism towards Asian families is awful here in HD34 and Colorado. It’s even worse in federal Government and I think it’s in all political parties where there are extremists. Everything was going fine for my campaign until I told people I was married to a Japanese National and posted a photo (It’s of me and my wife in Hiroshima, Japan). Then the hate started and some of that hate came from my opponent too. Racism and Hate; It’s in Homeland Security, It’s in city government, state government and federal government. It’s everywhere. It’s in your work place, it’s on the street and then it’s at your door. The racists want you to move, not have access to a fair wage or a fair job, not to run for public office, do as they say or it’s the highway, and no fair employment or equality in compensation. They wont even let you win an election in Colorado, that is how much hate there is in Colorado towards Asian families. My wife is from Hiroshima, the site of the most horrendous racist hate crime in world history. That happened there because of an incompetent Democrat president. That Democrat US President also placed Asian U.S. citizens into an internment camp south of I-25 on Highway 191 in the Desert of Utah over 113 degrees on an average summer day, as well as other bad places to live. My family has suffered a lot from hate because of the people Democrats keep putting into office. The U.S. department of State is messed up, immigration is messed up, and there are real racists here that pay you lip service to and they all believe in concepts not covered by the U.S. Constitution and the pursuit of happiness. This racially motivated hate needs to end. Pointing fingers is not the way to go about it. Falsely accusing people of racism isn’t the answer, it’s only the division and furthering of a Hate agenda by the Democrats that lead to division. If you wanted to subdue hate and racism, you all should have voted for me and the diversity I supported in 2020. Instead you kept the haters in office in 2020. P.S. I also want to point out because people mentioned it. Yes Colorado Politics is one of those Racist Fascist tabloids that fabricated a false narrative after I posted the picture of my family as a mixed racial family. Yes there are many racists in Colorado I know about, I grew up with them here in HD34 and across the state of Colorado. My website does debunk the Colorado Politics fascist tabloid and anyone reading that might be prone to racial tendencies. If they know me they like me, if they don’t like me and don’t know me then they might be a NAZI.”