Colorado congressional candidate Lauren Boebert concluded a television interview yesterday with her oft-repeated line that she’s not a “follower of QAnon.”

Yet, she followed multiple QAnon channels on her YouTube account, which she deleted as her beliefs about QAnon came under scrutiny by journalists.

Boebert is clearly not alone among politicians when it comes to trying to Etch-a-Sketch her background.

But, with almost no interest in discussing policy issues, her misrepresentations and obfuscations become more glaring.

For example, in the same interview yesterday, Boebert said she wouldn’t say if she’d dismantle Obamacare, explaining in the vaguest of phraseology that she’ll “see what happens when I get to Congress.”

In fact, she secured her spot on the ballot by blasting her Republican opponent, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton, for failing to kill Obamacare–and she’s on record opposing it.

Instead of accepting full responsibility for sickening 80 people with tainted sliders at the Rifle rodeo, she tried to blame fecal matter on the bleachers, even though Garfield County had conducted an exhaustive investigation showing that Boebert’s sliders were the “culprit.”

Similarly, Boebert brushes off her arrest record with: “I didn’t pay the ticket. But I got it paid. One hundred dollars. And I even got a pretty mugshot out of it.”

But it wasn’t the ticket that resulted in the mugshots, it was the failure to show up in court multiple times.

Boebert also once said underage servers at her diner, Shooters Grill, are not allowed to carry guns.

But one 17-year-old server featured in a news report posted on Boebert’s website says Boebert “allows me to” carry a gun, even though it’s illegal in Colorado to do so.

Boebert will throw out facts that just don’t check out. For example, she claimed Black Lives Matter protesters were bussed to Rifle for a rally earlier this year. But there’s no evidence for this.

Does all this add up to a credibility problem that will seep into voters’ minds as they decide between Boebert and her Democratic opponent, Diane Mitsch Bush?

The fact is, Trump carried the district by over 10 points in 2016, and he’s cut very much in the mold of Boebert, with swirling contradictions and staff who try to piece together the policy details.