Editor’s Note: This was submitted by state Rep. Mark Baisley of Roxborough Park in response to the Colorado Times Recorder’s Erik Maulbetsch’s request for a comment for the article “FEC United Founder Threatens Journalists at GOP Candidate Event,” published today. Baisley agreed to its publication as a stand-alone piece.

The liberties that America’s founding fathers established for us are under tremendous assault. As you well know, the press is a critical component of that liberty — even declared in the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

We have witnessed the press step away from its tremendous responsibility as the objective source of information and understanding. In seemingly most cases, the press has locked arms with the Democratic Party toward the dissolution of American founding principles. 

You asked, “…do you have any concerns about an organization that’s working so closely with your party…?” I would ask the same of you: do you have any concerns about the press working so closely with the Democratic Party?

The UADF was formed to provide “a first line of defense against domestic terrorists,” in response to the radicals who have both philosophically and physically destroyed so much of our nation and attacked peaceful patriotic gatherings. This past Saturday, the press actually murdered one member of the UADF.

The intolerance of a reporter (you) by the FEC / UADF is owed to the discredited reputation of a press that has now denigrated to the point of involving itself in the prevailing civil dispute — not just taking a side, but taking a life. Five days after the murder of Lee Keltner, I believe it to be understandable that the UADF does not consider a present-day reporter to be a benign observer.

I find it immensely important that we, as a national society, find our way back to having a free, independent, and trusted press. Perhaps you and I can work on that together. It would require the boldness of your risking rejection by most of your peers.

Mark Baisley is a Republican member of Colorado’s House of Representatives serving the 39th Congressional District, which covers all of Teller County and parts of Douglas County.

Editor’s note: There is no evidence at this time to support the view that the press murdered a member of the UADF.