Picking a presidential candidate can be easy, but deciding how to vote on less-publicized races and measures that appear on your ballot can seem like a daunting task.

Luckily, researching all of the ballot questions and races just got a little simpler.

The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Denver, an organization that aims to encourage participation in democracy, will hold two Zoom meetings in October to educate local voters on ballot issues in Colorado and in Denver.

Although the LWV takes stances on issues and advocates for policy changes, it is a nonpartisan organization, and the two Zoom sessions will both be strictly informative.

Viewers will be able to ask questions throughout the Zoom meetings to get a better understanding of the ballot measures.

Colorado voters can learn about the 11 statewide ballot issues October 5 at 5:30 pm with Gerry Cummings, Director of Voter Service at the LWV of Colorado.

Colorado ballot measures include seven propositions and four amendments. The issues are diverse this election, ranging from the reintroduction of gray wolves in Colorado to establishing paid medical and family leave.

Voters in Denver County also can learn about their local ballot initiatives with Steve Coddington October 12 at 5:30 pm. Coddington is a Director-At-Large of the LWV Colorado.

In Denver, voters will get a chance to vote on Denver residents owning pit bulls, paying a homelessness tax, and improved bandwidth, in addition to six other measures, as well as a Denver Public Schools mill levy question.

The LWVCO has also released a comprehensive online guide to the Colorado ballot, with descriptions as well as pros and cons for each measure.

Sally Augden, publicity with LWV Denver, told the Colorado Times Recorder that despite the limitations put on the organization by the pandemic, she hopes that the LWV can still remove some of the burden on Coloradans’ shoulders this coming election.

“Our LWVDenver briefings are aimed at our membership, but open to all, with the intent of voters achieving a more complete understanding of the issues. We normally offer a speakers bureau, and a variety of organizations, churches, senior residences, etc. invite our speakers to present,” said Augden. “Because of COVID-19, our in person briefings and speaker presentations have been put on hold, of course. Our hope is that our virtual presentation will reach as many Denverites and Coloradans as possible. This is a very long ballot and any help understanding the issues will, we hope, make people‚Äôs lives easier and their vote more productive.”

Other highly-charged ballot issues in Colorado include a vote to ban abortion after 22 weeks; a vote to decrease income tax; a repeal of the Gallagher Amendment, which limits residential property taxes; new and increased taxes on tobacco and nicotine; and more.

Counties in Colorado will begin mailing out ballots as soon as October 9.

Access the LWVCO Zoom briefings here.