EDITOR’S NOTE: In a detailed article about the birther and other views of KNUS talk radio host Randy Corporon, who’s a KNUS talk radio host and Republican National Convention Committeeman, CNN stated that it solicited a comment from Corporon but decided against publishing his comments because he demanded that his comments be included in their entirety or not at all. Below is a link to the CNN article as well as Corporon’s comments that CNN rejected, as posted on Corporon’s Facebook page and published here with his approval.

Here is Corporon’s response:

I saw an email from @emsteck from CNN around 2:30 pm Thursday. It was about 1500 words long & asked for my comment on THIRTY-THREE separate prior comments I’d made, Tweets I’d re-tweeted, etc.

Of course, I was in DC working & getting ready for @realDonaldTrump super-speech.

Em told my staff she knew I was in DC so, apparently, someone has been working on this awhile & had this timing in mind. She says they “reviewed my social media and “hours” of my radio show.”

I couldn’t respond. Then they wrote & said the deadline was extended to 4! So, I was done working and had time before dinner and the speech, and I wrote the following (which she referred to as “a lengthy email” and apparently found too long to include (all 305 words of it!):

“Dear Em: I received your message. You may only use my full statement below or none of it:

“Dear Em (is that your real name?): I was surprised at 2:30 ET today to learn that you sent me 33 items “for comment” to include in a piece about me that you are publishing today (with a deadline of 3 pm ET!). Had I been aware of your email even at 11:28 am ET when you sent it, a thorough response would have been a herculean task on a normal day, much less on a day when I am in Washington DC and preparing for the final night of the Republican National Convention.

My office staff told me that you were aware I am in DC. I assume, since you are asking for my comments now that I am serving my term as Colorado’s Republican National Committeeman as you pointed out, and since there are 33 items you are asking me about, that you’ve been working on this story for a while?

Why give me 3 1/2 hours to respond to 33 items on a very busy day away from home?

I’m guessing it’s because you’re #FakeNews CNN with a round-the-clock agenda to stop President Trump and those of us who support his agenda and his accomplishments. That being said, I would be happy to discuss any of my comments, retweets, opinions, and intentions at any time when there is an actual opportunity for me to first review them and then talk about them, in writing or otherwise.

In fact, I will be broadcasting live from 11 am to 2 pm ET this Saturday on my weekly radio show, Wake up with Randy Corporon on 710knus.com. Perhaps you’d like to join me?

Thanks for reaching out. I hope to “talk” with you again.


“Thank you!”

So, away we go. Game on. The cretins have been calling my office, posting negative reviews of my business, etc. It will be like this all the way to the #Trump2020LandslideVictory on November 3. Of this I have little doubt.

Guess what? I’m ready. I still practice Reagan’s Rules of War. In the battles between civil society & anarchy, freedom & Communism, Capitalism & Socialism, law and order & mob rule, God & Satan: We Win. They Lose. Count on it. Make it so.