Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert joked about “jello wrestling” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an exchange with a conservative comedian who also used an ethnic slur during his introduction. Her appearance could lend credence to concerns that she isn’t prepared to be the Republican nominee for Colorado’s Third District.

On January 28, Boebert appeared on Compound Media’s “In Hot Water” show with host Geno Bisconte. The show is known for segments including “Rape of the Day,” and “Random Rape Threat Generator,” as well as a litany of racist remarks and sketches.

True to form, even before Boebert was on the line, host Bisconte joked that Boebert “wants to win the seat… and then wrestle [U.S. Rep] Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in jello or pudding, and that would be fun to watch because she is a lovely woman.”

Bisconte then told his co-host that jello wrestling was “how we stay one step ahead of the Japs, who are jamming themselves into subway cars.”

Bisconte then introduced Boebert, who had clearly been listening to the host, as she embraced the jello-wrestling joke:

While the demeaning jello-wrestling wasn’t Boebert’s idea, after Bisconte made it, he asked Boebert a straightforward “tell us about your campaign” question. She chose to respond by returning to jello-wrestling.

Appearing on comedy talk shows isn’t unusual for political candidates, but it’s delicate territory for even the most experienced of campaigners, much less a neophyte like Boebert.

She may not have known about the show’s enthusiasm for rape humor, but at the very least she heard the host use an ethnic slur and make a sexist joke while introducing her and instead of hanging up, calling him out or even just giving a straight interview, she instead provided a cringe-worthy sound-bite of her own.

Interviews such as this add to concerns voiced by other Colorado Republicans that Boebert’s win may put the Third District at risk.

Former Denver GOP chair Jake Viano expressed his frustration in a recent Facebook post:

Reached for additional comment, Viano noted that it wasn’t the result he wanted, “but now that she’s the nominee, I’ll support her.”

Boebert’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment, so it’s unclear how much she knew about the show in advance of granting the interview.

Compared to other underdog primary candidates, however, she had a fair amount of experience with national conservative media. Her campaign was essentially launched with multiple media interviews following her viral moment last September when she confronted former presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke over his support of mandatory assault rifle buybacks.

Just eight days before her appearance on the “In Hot Water” show, Boebert gave an interview to Breitbart News in Virginia where she was participating in a widely publicized gun rights rally at the state Capitol.

Boebert’s most recent national press, following her surprise victory over four-term Congressman Scott Tipton, didn’t address her primary issue of gun rights advocacy. Most reporters focused on statements from another interview she gave to an online conservative outlet in which she expressed support for the “QAnon” conspiracy theory.