A Trump attorney, who’s a former professor at Lakewood’s Colorado Christian University, joined Colorado Republicans who claim that voting by mail is an unfair, under-the-radar ploy by Democrats to win in November.

Multiple studies show that voting-by-mail is a fair and accurate way to conduct elections, but Republicans, including Trump, nonetheless say the vote-by-mail process is riddled with fraud and helps Democrats.

“The Democrats are trying to use the coronavirus and the court system to eliminate nearly every safeguard in our elections, and that’s how they are not only trying to suppress the economy, but they are trying to legalize ballot harvesting, implement a nation-wide mail-in ballot system, and there are so many other ways that they are trying to eliminate election integrity,” said Jenna Ellis on KHOW’s Dan Caplis show (at 13 min 30 sec).

Ellis went on to say that the Democrats moves are using the “coronavirus as a temporary pretext to then simply manipulate elections in the future.”

“The Democrats are trying to remove and eliminate nearly every safeguard and that should trouble every American, regardless of your party,” said Ellis.

Ellis did not immediately return a call seeking evidence to back up her claim.

Voter fraud has been shown to be an almost nonexistent problem in states like Colorado that use mail ballots. A Loyola study gives you the details. Media outlets across the country have confirmed that voter fraud is a non-issue in the U.S.

Click here to see how he mail-voting process works.

Same-day voting is also frequently attacked as favoring Democrats. In fact, what matters is voter enthusiasm, and voters of one party may be more motivated one year and less the next.