In a political fundraising email sent yesterday, statehouse Minority Leader Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) underreported the number of Coloradans hospitalized with coronavirus by half. He claims “fewer than 900 people” have had hospital stays, but publicly available state data put the total at over 2,000.

Total COVID-19 hospitalizations as of April 21.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment updates and publishes COVID-19 related data daily online.

Neville’s email asks for donations to fight “the Polis Police State and his leftist propaganda media.”

“Nearly 300,000 Colorado residents are out of work and struggling to provide for their families, while less than 900 people statewide have been hospitalized with Coronavirus.

…Take Back Colorado is fighting to reopen Colorado and get people back to work, but we’re up against the Polis Police State and his leftist media propaganda machine that wants every Colorado resident to be entirely beholden to the Government.

I know times are tough, but your DONATION right now will help us take our fight to reopen Colorado directly to every resident who is fed up with the Polis lockdown and wants to get back to work….


Rep. Pat Neville” [emphasis added]

Neville sent the email just after midday Tuesday, so it’s possible the totals on the state’s COVID-19 website weren’t yet updated. Even if that was the case, the previous day’s total listed 1,880 hospitalizations.

Colorado’s COVID-19 case data summary, April 20, 2020

It’s also possible the “fewer than 900” number was intended to refer to the 851 Coloradans who are currently in the hospital for COVID-19, though the email language stated otherwise.

Take Back Colorado is an independent expenditure committee created last September by Rep. Neville’s brother Joe. According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s website, its purpose is “to educate and inform Colorado voters.” Rep. Neville used the “Take Back” name and logo since late July to support the effort to recall Governor Polis.

Phone and email inquiries to Rep. Neville were not immediately returned. This article will be updated with any response received.