We face a very challenging and dangerous time. But the long-lasting threat and damage to our families, businesses, and communities will not be from a virus or pandemic.

Instead, the loss of liberty and freedom and economic destruction caused by state and local politicians and bureaucrats in their response to the issue will be much longer-lasting.

Thanks to President Trump’s balanced leadership in restricting foreign travel and border closures, the contagion and spread from China and foreign sources was greatly diminished. The president’s prompt focus on removing regulatory barriers and incorporating private sector cooperation and innovation has put us in a much better position to deal with specific challenges from COVID-19.

As we approach the end to the president’s 15-day plan to slow the spread, some attention is being rightfully turned to getting people back to work where it makes sense.

So, while our president looks forward instead of backward and discusses plans for our economic recovery, why would Governor Polis, Mayor Hancock, and other bureaucrats choose that same moment to initiate further restrictions on its citizens and businesses?

Sorry, but I don’t believe in coincidences. The same suspects who criticized the balanced actions and leadership of President Trump during this time, calling them “racist” or “too aggressive”, now want to further restrict you with one-size-fits-all edicts such as “stay at home”, “shelter in place”, and sweeping workplace limitations and regulations.

Of course, they claim, “It’s for your own safety,” even while they threaten you with fines or possible incarceration. If you dare disagree, they accuse you of “not caring” about people’s health and well-being.

That’s pure hogwash! Considering the Democrats, bureaucrats, and never-Trumpers supporting these orders, color me skeptical regarding their true intentions and possible political motivations combined with their timing for these edicts.

And they’ve conveniently denied your right to assemble to voice your grievances regarding their actions!

You see, when businesses close and job losses mount, families must cope with additional economic hardship and increased mental stress. None of this benefits their overall health and well-being or that of our communities.

President Trump aptly stated, “We can’t let the cure be worse than the problem.” Those who really care about people care not only about their physical health but also their economic well-being. They don’t want to grow the power of the state while limiting your freedom and individual rights.

As a conservative, I know governments don’t solve problems. They typically create more. A free people operating with individual liberty is best to solve problems. It’s time to tell state and local bureaucrats to put down their pens and give their computers a rest, quit mandating new restrictions and instead prepare to:

Get out of our way and let us get back to work!

Former State Sen. Tim Neville, a Republican, represented northwest areas of the Denver-metro suburbs for six years, first as a state representative and then as a state senator, losing his Senate seat in 2018 to State Sen. Tammy Story, a Democrat.