Sen. Cory Gardner is back in Colorado this evening, but he won’t say what’s on his schedule.

He landed at Denver International Airport just hours after his campaign spokesperson said that President Trump’s claim that “we’re going to do our event from the White House” was in reference to a previously undisclosed official “conservation roundtable,” originally planned for Gardner’s time back in Colorado, rather than a campaign event. The clarification was required because a New York Times reporter understood Trump to mean his originally scheduled Friday fundraiser with Gardner.

As originally planned, tomorrow’s luncheon included an unspecified “roundtable,” but there was no mention of a conservation theme.

Asked by the Colorado Times Recorder if he was still going to hold the fundraiser, Gardner declined to answer, referring questions to his official spokesperson Annalyse Keller. An email inquiry to Ms. Keller was not immediately returned.

A pair of VIP tickets for the luncheon including the roundtable and a photo opportunity (presumably with the President) were available for $100,000. Both President Trump and Sen. Gardner were scheduled to speak at the Denver event, which was organized by Colorado Trump Victory and hosted by developer Larry Mizel.

While Gardner wouldn’t say whether or not the event was still on, a spokesperson for Mizel confirmed that the fundraiser has indeed been canceled.