Colorado Citizen Press, an anonymous ultra-conservative blog, is sponsoring the Chuck and Julie Show, a right-wing podcast with hosts Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden, who burst into the national media late last year after Bonniwell joked on KNUS radio that a “nice school shooting” was needed to break up the “never-ending” impeachment hearings.

The pair’s radio show was immediately canceled, and they started a “Chuck and Julie Show” podcast to replace it.

Chuck and Julie are in turn advertising on Citizen Press, where they bill themselves a “Colorado’s Top-Rated Conservative Podcast.”

Here’s the announcement of the sponsorship:

CO-HOST BONNIWELL, PUBLISHER OF THE CHERRY CREEK CHRONICLE: Chuck and Julie Show, Truth Straight Up.  We’re going to have a great show, we’ve got some great guests, and we’re just going to let it rip! 

CO-HOST JULIE HAYDEN:   That’s right!  And who knows what I’m drinking in this glass, right? [holding up her coffee mug from the hosts’ kitchen, where the show is conducted]

BONNIWELL:  Yeah!  That’s right, that’s right.

HAYDEN: And we want to let folks know, this show is sponsored — we are so thrilled to have them as a sponsor — by, Colorado’s conservative voice. You know, every morning before I get up and every night before I go to bed there are a few websites that I check. I kind of just do a round robin, and won’t you agree, Colorado Citizen Press is one I check every day.  They have so much stuff there that you will never see anywhere else that you need to see. 

BONNIWELL:  They are fantastic!  They really are fantastic. And whatever else you check, you have got to check out Colorado Citizen Press, if you are conservative or Republican or you’re just somebody who’s interested in — 

HAYDEN:    –who cares about your life in Colorado

BONNIWELL:  Yeah! Yeah, Colorado Citizen Press is just wonderful.  

In the past, Bonniwell has been critical of the conservative blog, PeakPolitics, while praising the liberal blog ColoradoPols.