“He’s a narcissist, incredibly flawed, and I think he’s the greatest president of my lifetime,” said Chuck Bonniwell, right-wing radio host, to Craig Silverman, another conservative host, both on Colorado’s KNUS radio.

“I’ve heard you say that, and I love a lot of his policies,” replied Silverman. “But what about him calling Republicans who don’t support him ‘human scum?'”

“He calls lots of people bad names,” replied Bonniwell, who’s a Republican activist and publisher of the Cherry Creek Chronicle. ..”I find repellent, that’s not quite the same as human scum, the Republicans who refuse to support the president and who are no better than the Democrats. …He’s actually building the wall. He’s brought jobs back to America. I’m willing to forgive his many personal faults if his policies are great for America.”

“But what if he does corrupt things in Ukraine to try to win the election?” said Silverman, sliding toward an issue that tripped up Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, who’s refused to say if it’s appropriate for a president to ask a foreign government to investigate a political rival.

“What corrupt things!” said Bonniwell, who loves to say how much he hates GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah.

“…Do you like the procedure that’s being implemented to impeach the president?” asked Bonniwell.

“Oh my gosh, Chuck…This is normal.”

“It’s sad that you don’t recognize justice….” said Bonniwell.

Listen to the Oct. 24 battle on KNUS 710-AM here: