Journalist Meaghan Winter’s new book, “All Politics Is Local,” examines state-level politics in three states: Missouri, Florida and Colorado.

Asked at her book signing at the Tattered Cover in downtown Denver Thursday night, why she choose to include Colorado, the author laughed as she replied, “I needed some good news!”

Joining Winter to talk about the book were three Colorado progressives responsible for some of that “good news.” Rep. Leslie Herod (D-Denver), Sen. Steve Fenberg (D-Boulder), and Lizzy Stephan, executive director of New Era Colorado, an organization dedicated to engaging young people in politics.

All three feature prominently in the Colorado section of Winter’s book, which tells the story of young progressive leaders working together to win elections and advance a broad policy agenda.

Each of the trio of states offers its own lessons for those interested in the relatively under-the-radar world of statehouse politics. The stories of powerful interests, grassroots underdogs and idealistic organizers notching victories and enduring defeat make compelling reading for any wonk, hack, flack or fan of the political process. This is especially true for those Colorado readers who will recognize the names above along with many more.

Much like Adam Schrager and Rob Witwer’s well-known book, The Blueprint, did a decade ago, Winter’s work pairs first-person interviews of political players with her own observation and analysis. She examines the the varied roles legislators, issue advocates, national funders and other interests play in the legislative drama taking place under domes in state capitols across the country.

All Politics Is Local is available at the Tattered Cover and other local bookstores.