For those of you who may not listen to conservative talk radio, here’s a glimpse into the bubbled world of KVOR in Colorado Springs.

“The Second Amendment is not actually about my right to hunt,” said state Sen. Paul Lundeen, a Republican from Monument, Colorado, on a Colorado Springs radio station recently. “It supports that, of course. And it’s not actually about a person’s right to defend themselves when someone is coming after them…. The Second Amendment is about the protection–over the people–from tyranny.”

Later in the show, a caller named “Rudy” challenged Lundeen.

“If that’s so, [people] should be owning bazookas, or what have you.”

“Okay, so, now it just gets Crazy-town!” interjected KVOR host Tron Simpson. “This is what we do. Now, Paul, try to educate him a little bit more.”

“Here is what I’d say, Rudy,” replied Lundeen. “Go out to YouTube, find the video from Venezuela, where the military police in their armored personnel carriers were driving over the tops of the citizens of Venezuela.”

“Runnin’ ‘em over, man!” exclaimed the talk radio host.

“And that is exactly why the Second Amendment needs to be in place,” explained Lundeen. “It’s how you avoid tyranny. To your question, ‘You need a bazooka?’ – perhaps the people DO, in order to stand against tyranny. So, consider that as a philosophical construct.”


“And let me just add this, Rudy,” added radio-host Simpson. “When the Second Amendment was fortified and put into our Constitution, we weren’t talking about – okay, we had muskets, right? Okay, we have different technology [today]. Do you not think that the founders did not know that there would be technology? Our founders were also inventors, so things that were created back then, they knew would probably escalate in technology. So, it’s not [affecting a mocking tone of gun control advocate], ‘This was about muskets, you know, and bows and arrows, maybe!’ No, no, it’s about protection of your family and your liberty from a tyrannical government. Very important!”

Lundeen didn’t return a call for comment.

Listen to Sen. Paul Lundeen on KVOR radio Sept. 21: