Two Colorado Republican legislative leaders are hosting an all-day “Vaccine & Health Summit” at the state capitol on Monday, Oct. 28. The event features representatives from the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), which says it’s “dedicated to preventing vaccine injuries and death,” and has been described as “the most powerful anti-vaccine organization in America.” NVIC promotes the debunked claim that vaccines cause autism.

Monday’s summit is the third and final “Vaccines & Health Choice” event hosted at the state capitol by Saine and Marble. The last one, on Sept. 20, featured an anti-vaccine doctor from Colorado Springs. He suggested that families could send samples of their children’s blood to schools to prove their “natural immunity” in place of required vaccinations. That event also included NVIC Executive Director Theresa Wrangham of Boulder, who will also participate in Monday’s panel.

NVIC has received criticism for spreading dangerous misinformation about vaccines, including via a billboard in New York City’s Times Square. NVIC has also continued to push a discredited academic research paper that has since been determined to be fraudulent.

According to Saine’s previous Facebook posts, Monday’s meeting “will have presentations on action items.”

The event will take place in Room 112 (the Old State Library) at the capitol building from 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM.

Read the full text of the invitation:

Colorado Vaccine & Health Care Choice Summit 2019
Join Colorado Representative Saine and Senator Vicki Marble for the last summit meeting to continue the comprehensive discussion regarding vaccines and health care choice in Colorado.

The purpose of the Summit is to have a full discussion regarding the topics of vaccines and health care choice.

Presentations will be made, followed by questions from invited summit panelists and an extended opportunity for public comment.

This discussion impacts all Coloradans. The National Vaccine Information Center is an invited panelist and will participate in the meeting. We encourage our supporters to attend and to encourage their family, friends and legislators to attend.