Denver’s Catholic Archdioceses, Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute, and Catholic Charities are sponsoring a Sept. 10 event called “Made this Way: Male and Female,” featuring anti-transgender activist Emily Zinos who “helps parents and educators identify and address the threats of transgender ideology,” according to promotional materials.

“Join us for an incredible evening of timely and relevant information, equipping you to understand and dialogue effectively on the topic of the Transgender Trend,” states the event’s online registration page.

Zinos is the Project Coordinator for Ask Me First MN, which has ties to the Family Policy Alliance and Focus on the Family, the anti-LGBTQ organization based in Colorado Springs.

Another featured speaker at Tuesday’s event, Dr. Patrick Lappert, is billed as an “Alabama-based plastic surgeon and deacon in the Catholic Church,” who will “provide revelatory insight into transgender surgery.”

Zinos has written about “activist parents” who, she alleges, forced their transgender children on her school.

“Widespread discrimination, unemployment, homelessness, and violence are just some of the issues transgender people face on a daily basis,” states the website of One Colorado, which defends the rights of transgender people. “One Colorado is devoted to ending discrimination and violence against transgender Coloradans through education and advocacy on the state and local level.”

One of the organizations sponsoring the event is the Denver Catholic Archdiocese’s Respect for Life Office, which among other things, compares abortion to slavery, claiming that the “growing scientific and moral truths, will prevail as they have in other societies when human beings realize something is truly wrong.” The entity opposes the death penalty and euthanasia.

Another sponsor, Catholic Charities, mostly runs multiple programs for people in poverty, including food pantries and aid programs, and an anti-abortion pregnancy center.

The third sponsor, the Centennial Institute is the public policy arm of Colorado Christian University, running the annual Western Conservative Summit. Trump was a speaker there in 2016. In recent years, the organization is perhaps best known for campaigning against legal and illegal drugs, like marijuana (but not alcohol) and magic mushrooms.

The event takes place Sept. 10 at St. Thomas More’s McCallin Hall, 8035 S. Quebec St., in Centennial, at 6:30 p.m.