UPDATE: The recall attempt against Sen. Brittany Pettersen has also failed.

An attempted recall of state Sen. Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs) fizzled today, as proponents will not meet the deadline to submit over 11,000 signatures.

Resist Polis PAC board member Kristina Finley confirmed that signatures will not be submitted by 5:00 PM today.

A Facebook message requesting comment from Korry Lewis, who also helped lead the recall effort, was not returned. Less than three weeks ago Lewis solicited donations for the recall saying the group needed to cover its expenses.

Recall Et Al, the issue group behind the recall, still has a donor page for Sen. Kerry Donovan (D-Vail). However, the local leader of the nascent movement to recall Donovan recently posted on Facebook that “it seems the effort is dying as more people are refusing to help or won’t volunteer.”

In an emailed statement, Colorado Democrats Chair Morgan Carroll dismissed the failed recall effort as sour grapes:

“Considering that both Senators Lee and Pettersen won their 2018 elections overwhelmingly by double digits, it is hardly surprising the sore losers running these sham recalls are throwing in the towel. As has been the case with the previous failed recalls, this was never about their votes. These were far-right activists who are upset they lost so badly in 2018 and were desperate for a redo through these ridiculous recalls. The people of SD11 and SD22 saw through this sham, which is exactly why they rejected this cynical effort to overthrow their 2018 votes.”