Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner is joining Republicans nationally in dismissing concerns, raised in the wake of the release of the Mueller report, that Trump obstructed justice.

Pressed by KDMT’s Jimmy Sengenberger this week about the obstruction charges raised by Democrats, Gardner pointedly says the real issue emerging from the special prosecutor’s report is the Russian interference. He essentially says the obstruction doesn’t matter.

SENGENBERGER Now, I just want to make clear, in regards to the obstruction question, I mean, there are some unflattering things for President Trump in this report — make no mistake about it. But the bottom line is that he did not actually interfere with the investigation. Muller was not fired. He was never denied any sort of resources. I had Ken Starr — the independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation — here on this program say that Bob Mueller would have been able to get a Cadillac from the administration if he needed it. I think that’s critical to keep in mind, is the Democrats are talking about impeachment.

GARDNER Well, and I think that they are missing the biggest concern is the Russian interference.

Gardner, a Republican, also said, “I do think the Democrats are going to be — I think they’re going to try to pursue impeachment because they are — you know, I’ve said this before — the House majority is a revenge majority. They didn’t like the fact that President Trump was elected. They don’t think he should have been. I think they’re going to try to pursue it. Now, Nancy Pelosi has said she’s trying to tap the brakes on it. But she’s going to find out that her conference underneath her is going to move on without her.”