Religious activist groups came together at the Capitol Tuesday for another “Faithful Tuesdays,” a multi-faith event, which focused this week on immigration.

Community leaders, immigrants, and representatives of various faith organizations showed unity and support for immigrants in Colorado’s communities.

“We all have a responsibility to reach out to those that are in our communities whether that’s our faith community or our general community,” said Jenny Kraska, Executive Director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, “and I think that today’s event highlighted for us exactly who our neighbor is and what some of the struggles are that they’re facing .”

As the 2019 legislative session continues, the Faithful Tuesdays coalition hopes they can bring about change through activism in public policy-making.

“We just want them [immigrants] to know that we are here and that we exist and that we are trying to do what we can do at a state level to advocate on their [immigrants] behalf for policies and laws that help and protect them,” said Kraska.

Kraska said the Colorado Catholic Conference is supporting a bill, called Extend Court Jurisdiction For Vulnerable Youth, which would allow children of immigrants to have better representation in the courts.

The legislation has moved to Gov. Jared Polis’ office.