Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner said yesterday that he likes Trump and wants to give the American people “an opportunity” to get to like him too.

“I like the president, and we’ve got to make sure we have an opportunity for the American people to get to like the President,” Gardner told KNUS 710-AM’s Steffan Tubbs yesterday. “And I think they like his policies. I think they do.”

Gardner’s positive comments about Trump are mostly consistent with what Colorado’s junior senator has said since the midterms, not only endorsing Trump but also saying he’d “like to see the president come to Colorado.”

He’s also said, as he did on the radio yesterday, saying, “I’m going to agree with Donald Trump; I’m going to disagree with Donald Trump.”

Gardner predicted Trump will win in 2020, but it’s “going to be a tough fight.”

“I’m going to be about optimism,” said Gardner in a conversation about his plan to “take our record of accomplishment on the road” in his 2020 compaign.

Gardner has has had a bumpy attitude toward Trump over the years.

Gardner called Trump a “buffoon in 2015,” but he said in March of 2016 that he’d vote for the mogul after he was asked seven times in a row by the Wall Street Journal whether he’d do so. A few months later, after Trump’s infamous pussy-grabbing comment come to light, Gardner said flatly, “I will not vote for Donald Trump.” 

Gardner now has a 90 percent lifetime pro-Trump voting record.

Prior to appearing on the show, KNUS’ Randy Corporon complained that. for years, Gardner had refused to appear on his KNUS show.

At the beginning of the interview, Tubbs promised to vote for Gardner.