Abortion advocates are banding together this evening to celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, with a benefit concert.

Organized by Keep Abortion Safe and Girls Rock Denver, the show will take place at Larimer Lounge at 8 p.m. and will feature Denver-based bands Rotten Reputation, ORYX, and Church Fire.

Here’s how the bands responded when asked why they decided to support abortion rights by playing the show:

Access to safe abortions saves lives, protecting women from harming themselves and protecting children from abandonment, neglect and abuse. While it by far isn’t enough and more needs to be done, it’s important for us to contribute to this particular benefit because all women must have the right to access safe abortions — not just those who can afford it. Not only does abortion primarily impact women; the lack of affordable, safe access to abortion disproportionately impacts women experiencing poverty. When we don’t do everything in our power to actively support our communities, we are complicit with classist systems that deny autonomy and self-determination specifically to women and even more so to women of color and those living in poverty. All people must be able to actualize their inherent rights to be safe, be fierce, be healthy and to lead their lives as they desire and need. 

Church Fire

“As an all-femme band, we believe in and personally know the importance of reproductive rights for people with uteri everywhere. We agreed to play this show not just for the great cause that it’s fundraising for, but because any chance to show that feminine folks can rock, just might inspire others like us to do the same.”

Rotten Reputation

Tickets cost $16 and proceeds will benefit Keep Abortion Safe, which aims to destigmatize reproductive health care, and the Women’s Freedom Fund, which provides financial assistance to those seeking abortion care.