Conservative talk radio is an industry built on controversial opinions, high emotion, and prickly debate.

Last Tuesday afternoon on KNUS was a red letter day for two Denver radio hosts who received calls — presumably by the same person using different pseudonyms — which challenged the wisdom of America enacting the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, endowing women with a voice and a vote in our elections.

The first call came into the Steffan Tubbs Show (710am, KNUS), during a discussion of the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings and the testimony from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford alleging sexual assault, a caller identifying himself as “Ferris” shared his opinion on the matter.

CALLER ‘FERRIS’: And we have men speaking up now. Why? Because Trump spoke up. And he spoke in ways we never heard before. And we’re free to speak. Now we’re throwing off the shackles that are the women in our lives and we refuse to be silenced by those women whether they be mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, [it] doesn’t matter. They’re women — all right? — who are the opposite of men, and who Ann Coulter says should never have received the right to go near a voting place in the early 1920s. Our republic was doing just fine up until then. At that time –.

TUBBS: What?!

‘FERRIS’: Listen to me. Hear me out!

TUBBS:  I’m — I’m — I’m listening. But I can disagree.

‘FERRIS’: Sure, but it’s better to hear me out. Let me tell you that Ann Coulter — I’m talking about what Ann Coulter has proven, and that is, because of the fact that women are the opposite of men, and because the republic was fine in 1920, there was no reason to invite all that estrogen and emotions into a voting place.

TUBBS:You know, you’re about to ready to drive women off the road, and maybe off this radio station. And I don’t want them–.

‘FERRIS’:  What about the truth? What about the truth?

TUBBS: [00:01:52] It’s your truth.

‘FERRIS’:  No, it’s not mine. Limbaugh said the same thing.

TUBBS: Oh, I don’t give two hoots what Rush Limbaugh says, or Ann Coulter

‘FERRIS’: Yes, but twenty million listeners a day do! See, you’re showing your smallness now! See?! You’re going to push me off the button, now! You’re going to cut me off, like a wimp!

TUBBS:  No, not at all. Bring it on!

TUBBS:  Oh, good! Let the — here you are! […] But men are — men are from Mars, women are from Venus. We’re opposites.

TUBBS: Have you ever been married?

‘FERRIS’: Yes. Why do you ask? It has nothing to do with the truth. The truth is this–.

TUBBS:  I’m just wondering what your wife would say about not — she shouldn’t be able to vote.

‘FERRIS’: It doesn’t matter to me. See, that’s the point here. Here, you’re making my point for me, Steffan. What do the women in my life think about the truth? I don’t care, because they are ill equipped to address anything with logic. What they have is estrogen and emotions. I have logic. I’m a thinker, by nature. Women, by their nature, are primarily feelers, aren’t the? They have the babies. They are the nurturers. We are the males of the species. I remind you that up until 1920 this republic was doing just fine without any woman getting anywhere near a voting place. And that was the beginning of the end, according to Coulter, Limbaugh, and me. And if you have an open mind, and you study it, and not just give me your knee jerk reactions as a host broadcaster, you will realize that the caller broadcasters to your show will bring you stuff that is valuable beyond your ability to pay for it.

Previous to Tubbs’ show, the host of the Chuck & Julie Show, Julie Hayden, fielded a call from someone identified as ‘Mike from Cherry Creek,'” who sounded similar to Tubbs’ ‘Ferris’ and espoused a similar viewpoint, with similar rhetoric.

Tubbs’ reaction to his caller was incredulity.  He challenged his caller and later wondered aloud to listeners whether ‘Ferris’ could be a troll, facetiously inciting division and reaction.

Julie Hayden told the caller that while she is sympathetic to men being falsely accused and to calls for all male Senators to be killed and castrated, she “kinda disagree[s]” with the premise espoused by ‘Mike,’ that “letting women vote” was “the beginning of the end of the Republic.”

“I think that women should be allowed to vote,” Hayden said.

Listen to ‘Ferris’s’ call to Steffan Tubbs here:

Listen to ‘Mike from Cherry Creek’s’ call to Julie Hayden here: