Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers has declined multiple job offers from the Trump Administration, telling KVOR host Richard Randall last week that he’s “better off as mayor of Colorado Springs than some of the other things I’ve been approached about.”

Suthers said he’d been in “real good discussions” with the Trump administration about “some jobs,” which Randall characterized as “very high jobs.”

Asked about Trump more broadly, Suthers said:

“I did not support Trump in the primary, no question about it.

“The president and I have a whole different view of governance,” said Suthers. “Let’s just put it that way. I don’t ridicule my opponents. I don’t Tweet bad things about them, things like that. That’s just who I am, and what I stand for. Even people that say very critical things, I will thank them for their input, all that sort of thing.”

On the positive side, Suthers is “very happy” with Trump’s nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court. He’s happy with the “tax changes,” and he’s felt the U.S. needs immigration reform.

“The jury is still out on tariffs,” said Suthers on air.

“For the most part, policy-wise, I am okay with him,” concluded Suthers, adding “there’s a lot of things to like.”

Suthers, who served as Colorado’s Attorney General, told Randall he’s always looking for the best “path to become a good ancestor,” and his current job fits the bill for now.

Listen to Suthers here on Sept. 18 on KVOR