Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner appeared on FOX News’ right-leaning Fox and Friends this morning and praised Trump as having the “style” of a general who personally leads his troops to battle.

As he did after Trump’s summit in Helsinki, Gardner shifted blame for Russia’s behavior to Obama.

Gardner, a Republican, told anchor Brian Kilmeade:


KILMEADE: Senator when they used to have battles in the old days, the generals would lead, they used to be on the front lines. Isn’t that kind of the way the President’s doing things? He leads, and behind him is Pompeo, Mattis and Bolton. Should we get used to that?

GARDNER: I think that’s exactly the style that you’ve seen from this President, whether it’s Kim Jong Un or whether it’s Vladimir Putin. But again, I don’t think–you know remember what happened over the last eight years. You had a President Obama who said to Mitt Romney, “The 80s are calling they want their foreign policy back.” And now we see Russia taking this center stage role that the Democrats denied for the last eight years. It’s pretty remarkable.

“Great job,” Kilmeade responded, without specifying why he thought Gardner was deserving of such praise. The Colorado senator votes with Trump over 90 percent of the time.

On today’s FOX News program, Gardner missed an opportunity to criticize Trump directly, if he had criticisms, as the president is reportedly a regular watcher of Fox and Friends.

The President did not Tweet or acknowledge Gardner’s praise.

Gardner leads a GOP committee that’s charged with electing Republican senators. He’s said he’ll resign from this role after the election to focus on his own 2020 re-election campaign.