Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who says she had an affair with President Trump in 2006, is coming to the Diamond Cabaret in Denver.

Daniels has been in the media spotlight since she started talking about her affair a couple months ago, culminating in her appearance on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live.

The SNL skit started with Ben Stiller portraying a frazzled Michael Cohen attempting to corral Trump and his administration into getting their stories straight regarding the Stormy Daniels scandal. It ended with Daniels telling Alec Baldwin’s Trump, “A storm’s a coming, baby.”

This followed Baldwin’s Trump asking Daniels what she would need for all of this to go away. She replied, “a resignation.”

Daniels was paid $130,000 by Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before the 2016 election, and Daniels’ attorney has just released documents that apparently trace the money to a Russian oligarch.

The NDA mandated that Daniels give no details about her encounter with Trump, but this hasn’t stopped her from speaking out.

Daniels has made appearances on The View, 60 Minutes, and, most recently, on SNL, showing that she won’t lie or be silenced about the fact that the affair happened.

Daniels has made it clear she doesn’t consider herself to be a victim in this situation, and she’s in fact used the media to gain power over the President.

While some say this is nothing more than a publicity stunt to boost her career, in an interview with Rolling Stone, Daniels said that she is doing the exact same amount of work she was doing before. She’s just getting paid more for it.

Daniels has been working in the adult film industry and stripping consistently for the past 15 years. She already had a tour booked for this year. Due to the recent allegations about the affair between Trump and Daniels, clubs have been able to capitalize on her newfound infamy to publicize the tour.

Denver’s Diamond Cabaret is no exception:

The unofficially dubbed “Make America Horny Again” tour was originally billed as such by a club owner in South Carolina, and since then many other clubs on the tour have adopted the name.

Tickets for the shows on June 1 and 2 are $30 and nonrefundable.