The Colorado Jewish Republicans Facebook page has become home to another controversial meme approximately two weeks after anti-Islamic content to the page was deleted from the organization’s page because it violated Facebook’s standards of community conduct.

This time, the meme on the Jewish Republicans’ page depicts Barack Obama kissing Nancy Pelosi on the cheek. It then states: “DEMOCRAT MATING SEASON HAS BEGUN. Obama is thinking: ‘This proves I am not a Muslim – no Muslim would kiss a pig.’ Pelosi is thinking: ‘I’ve had so many face lifts, you are actually kissing my ass.’”

It is unknown whether this meme would constitute “hate speech” under Facebook’s community standards, or if it would be considered a violation of the community standards at all.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a non-partisan civil rights group advocating against antisemitism and for justice and fair treatment of all, typically chooses not to weigh-in on any type of partisan issue.

However, the organization felt this post was worthy of comment because its content went beyond partisan lines by not addressing any type of policy at all.

As Scott Levin, the Regional Director of the ADL, states:

“Everyone is entitled to their positions in the public debates over policy issues. This transcends that and goes way beyond any policy issue because it’s really just singling out people of one faith. And in reviewing the website, what I find troubling is, while there might be otherwise really good arguments that can be made one side or the other, about public policy issues, instead there appears to be this preoccupation or focus on Muslims and people of Arab descent. That just seems to be totally inappropriate.”

Requests for a comment from the Colorado Jewish Republicans went unanswered.

On its Facebook page, the Colorado Jewish Republicans remain focused on Muslims and people of Arab descent, with most of their posts since Monday centered around the violence between Palestine and Israel. None of these posts frame Muslims or Arabs in a positive light.

According to its website, the Colorado Jewish Republicans is an organization that believes in creating a welcoming and politically conservative environment for all Jews and non-Jews. It holds meetings at the East Side Kosher Deli with prominent public officials.

The conservative organization is listed on the website of the Colorado Republican Party, but it does not claim to speak for anyone beyond its members. The group’s president has stated that multiple people have authority to post items on the Facebook page.

The organization’s president has defended controversial memes as being nothing more than “provocative.”